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The Six Sigma process was designed as a disciplined, data-driven approach to improvement aimed at the near-elimination of defects from every product, process, and transaction. The purpose of Six Sigma is to gain breakthrough knowledge on how to improve processes to do things BETTER, FASTER, and at LOWER COST. It can be used to improve every facet of business, from production, to human resources, to order entry, to technical support. Six Sigma can be used for any activity that is concerned with cost, timeliness, and quality of results. Unlike previous quality improvement efforts, Six Sigma is designed to provide tangible business results, cost savings that are directly traceable to the bottom line.

Dagaz Inc. was formed to perfect and implement the Six Sigma and Lean processes across all industries.

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Dagaz Inc. helps our clients improve the delivery of healthcare to the patient. Our focus is to maximize the patient’s medical experience through the implementation of Lean Methodology, Six Sigma and Metrics Assessment, collectively known as Process Excellence. Benefits to the hospital system include the ability to maximize patient capacity, improve employee satisfaction, and attain financial goals from the revenue cycle. With the support of management, our program is implemented throughout the organization. With completion of the engagement, our clients are guaranteed to benefit from a company-wide cultural change which embraces the benefits of Process Excellence. Our “turn-key” model ensures the transfer of knowledge to the client and the confidence to sustain future improvements with Process Excellence tools.

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Our consultants have successfully helped to implement Process Excellence at:

Ohio Health, Ohio $2.5 million savings through the elimination of 206 minutes between the time a patient is discharged and the bed is ready for the next patient.

Adena Health System of Ohio $10 million savings via improved Emergency Department work flow.  Department aligned to meet patient flow and 20-30% increase by 2010.   $2 million increase in CT scan revenue expected with the reduction in time necessary per exam. Patient satisfaction scores to remain in top 10th percentile.  Surgical suites are utilized 85-90% of available time, up from 65%, increasing revenue.

Florida Blood Services $2 million reduction in inventory by reducing cycle time for single service line from 54 to 28 days.